Tombstone Tuesday: In Case You Missed These

TombstoneTuesday    There were several 2014 Tombstone Tuesday articles that didn’t receive as much attention as I thought (IMHO) they should have gotten, so here’s your chance to help boost the number of views.  If you’re not familiar with Tombstone Tuesday, I usually just randomly select someone whose grave I have found at the Find-A-Grave web site.

My rule of thumb is that I don’t want it to be someone that I know is related to me somehow.  That rule has served me well, except for the story of Nancy Crawford Bray — toward the end of my research I discovered she was related by marriage to some of my Pulaski County, Kentucky kin (Nancy was buried in Sonoma County, California).

Here are a few links for your consideration, or reconsideration as the case may be:

Tombstone Tuesday:  Mattie Grace Grob Large (1892-1992) – This article was just posted a couple of weeks ago and may have gotten lost in the hustle and bustle of pre-Christmas busy-ness.  Mattie was a kind and generous person and lived a long and purposeful life.

Tombstone Tuesday:  Greenup Raney – This article, posted three weeks ago, came about as a result of various family history research projects I’d been working on.  I kept running across  “Green” people and thought it would make an interesting article.  Turns out there were lots of “Green” people in Pulaski County, Kentucky — as to why I don’t know.

Tombstone Tuesday:  Isaac Lafayette and Arabazena Ottalee (Turney) Castleberry – The main thing that intrigued me about this married couple, especially the wife, were their names.  It turned out that neither ever knew their fathers, but together they had a large family of their own.  Some interesting Civil War history is included in this article.

Tombstone Tuesday:  General Washington Gentry of Johnson County, Tennessee – Sometimes I find subjects for this column in the course of researching other articles.  This one stemmed, in a roundabout way, from a visit to the Estacado Cemetery, after which I wrote a series of articles on the cemetery and some folks buried there.  You’ll have to read the article as to how the connection was made.  From that connection came another Tombstone article about the “Ocean Sisters“, also of Johnson County, Tennessee.

Tombstone Tuesday:  Albinus Reger Marple – This was such an unusual name, I had to write an article.  Albinus and his wife Mary Jane also gave their children unique names.  Sometimes subjects are picked because of the unusual name, but then I find out they have a pretty interesting story as well.  This is another one that also has some interesting Civil War history.

Tombstone Tuesday:  What Happened to Stephen Paul? – This was a sort of case study I embarked on for one of my cousins.  The subject was an ancestor of her husband’s.  Interesting Civil War history and I also discovered what happened to Stephen after he abruptly disappeared in the early 1860’s.

I could go on and on with this list — Tombstone Tuesday articles are my absolute favorite!  Hope you found some of these “re-considerations” interesting and worthy of sharing with friends and family.

 Everyone have a great day — someday it will be history!

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