2014 Sunday Favorites: Early American Faith and Hymnspiration

SundayThemesEarly American Faith turned out to be a popular series, highlighting the differences between the stern and rigid Puritans and other faiths.  It was interesting to learn how Puritans, who came because of their own religious persecution, were so intolerant of other faiths.  Here are three of the most-viewed articles:

Early American Faith: Puritans vs. Antinomianism (Anne Hutchinson, “American Jezebel”) (182) – To the Puritans, Anne Hutchinson was a heretic.  In response they put her on trial which resulted in her banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  A few years later she met an untimely death when Indians massacred her and her family.

Early American Faith: Puritans vs. Baptists (178) – Roger Williams was a Separatist who came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631 with the strong opinion that the Church of England was corrupt and its beliefs false.  Five years later he was banished to what would later be called Rhode Island.  There he founded the First Baptist Church of Providence.  Interesting history of the Baptist faith.

Early American Faith:  Puritans vs. Quakers (157) – Of all the other faiths, the Quakers were probably the most persecuted by the Puritans.  With less rigidity in their beliefs and practices, Quakers did have paid clergy, nor did they practice baptism or communion.  Yet, even though they were persecuted, Quakers were vocal in their faith, known to yell in the streets, strip their clothes off and more — wild bunch of zealots they were!  It’s like that those of the Quaker faith experienced more severe punishment, even death, than those of other faiths which the Puritans disdained.  Lots of history and information in this article.

Hymnspiration:  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, et al. by Elisha Albright Hoffman (85) – Elisha Hoffman never received formal instruction in music yet he was a prolific nineteenth century hymn writer.  Some of his other hymns include:  I Must Tell Jesus, Glory to His Name and Are You Washed in the Blood?.

Hymnspiration:  The Doxology (Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow) (60) – Probably one of the most widely sung hymns, it is considered one of the most well known and beloved hymns of the Church.   It is said that Thomas Ken’s sermons were not remembered much, but the hymn he wrote provided him an enduring legacy as it became known as one of the most powerful anthems of the Church.

Have a GREAT day . . . someday it will be HISTORY!

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