2014 Best of Saturdays: Quack Cures and Surnames

SaturdayThemesBefore I settled on the regular Surname Saturday column, I did a few columns (and still may from time to time) on Home Remedies and Quack Cures:

Home Remedies and Quack Cures:  Hall’s Catarrh Cure (356) – This article was the third most-viewed this past year after these two:  Henry Collins and Zipporah Chandler Rice – Sodom Laurel, NC and Far-Out Friday:  Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly (The Luckiest Fool on Earth).  At the time I wrote the article I had been trying out my new Newspapers.com subscription and was amused at all the “miracle cures” advertised in nineteenth and early twentieth century newspapers especially.   These so-called miracle cures were all the rage back then.

Surname Saturday:  Kitten (172) – This was the most-viewed Surname Saturday article.  I had been asked by a friend to research it (her husband’s family) and I  do believe the whole Kitten family stopped by to read it!  Plus, it was a really interesting story.

Surname Saturday: Utter (129) – I try to write articles on unique or unusual surnames, and I’m always amazed at names which are common words in our language (sometimes those are the hardest to research actually).  One early American named Abraham Utter was devastated when his family was massacred by Indians — a fascinating early American story of what colonists faced.

Surname Saturday:  Hutchins-Hutchinson-Hutchings (95) – In my research I had come across an unusual name, Strangeman Hutchins, and decided to write a surname article, including Strangeman’s story.  Another story caught my eye about a large family (sixteen children) who formed a singing group, The Hutchinson Family Singers.  The toured both in the United States and abroad and were quite popular during the mid-1800’s.  The article also included another interesting story about one of the oldest Revolutionary War veterans, interviewed in the 1860’s and one hundred and one years old at the time of that interview.

Some other surname articles worthy of a second look:  Doolittle (94); Kerfoot (86); and Quackenbush (83).  Next week I’ll highlight some Surname Saturday articles that you might have missed and I feel are worthy of a second chance.

Have a GREAT day . . . someday it will be HISTORY!

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