Historic American Churches: Welsh Tract Baptist Church

WelshTractBaptistAs alluded to in last week’s article about the historic Pennepek Baptist Church, the Welshmen who arrived in 1701, although warmly received, had disagreements over the practice of the laying on of hands.  The Welshmen thought the practice to be of great importance, so much so they “couldn’t fellowship with them in the Lords-supper”, according to Records of the Welsh Tract Baptist Meeting.  In 1703 the majority who had earlier attended the Pennepek church upon arrival in America decided to purchase land in Newcastle County, Delaware.

The place where they settled was known as “Welsh Tract” or “Welshtract” and their church as “Welsh Tract Baptist Church”.  This was just one of several churches which “sprung” from the mother church at Pennepek.  In 1707 Pennepek and several other churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey joined together to form the Philadelphia Baptist Association.  That same year the Welsh Tract church approached the Pennepek church for a meeting.  Several concerns were discussed, most focusing on their doctrinal differences.

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