Facts, Fallacies and Facetiousness: Re-Re-Writing History

FactsFFWhen I hear about how so-called “progressives” in the education field are working (or should say have been working, for years) to rewrite history, I get a little p-o’d – make that a LOT p-o’d!  That was one reason why I started this blog last October.

My first tag-line was “Re-re-writing history one blog post at a time.”  After awhile I decided to change the tag-line to “A little history every day to keep tyranny away.” I don’t get “political” in my writings – and that is purposeful.  My goal is to find interesting and unique events in history and present the facts like they happened, both good and bad — although, admittedly, sometimes I have gotten the facts wrong myself, but feel free to correct me so we can all learn!

I’m a firm believer in the words of Edmund Burke: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it” – which I think goes right along with another famous quote of his: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Today’s article will be short – just the announcement of a new category which I suppose might actually be considered a “sub-category” of another Friday theme I’ve written a few articles about:  Facts, Fallacies and Facetiousness.  I hope to write the first article for the new category next Friday.

I’m always happy to hear suggestions from readers – if you have a piece of history you would like me to feature, leave a comment and I’ll put it in the “queue”.  I’m also happy to take requests for Tombstone Tuesday and Surname Saturday articles – request away!

Wish me luck – tomorrow I’m moderating a roundtable discussion for the South Plains Genealogical Society: “Crazies, Black Sheep and Murderers (Oh My!)”.  If you’re in the Lubbock area and want to attend the meeting as my guest, it begins at 10:00 a.m. in the Community Meeting Room at the downtown Mahon Library (1306 9th Street).  That’s also the reason today’s article is short – preparation, preparation, preparation!

Have a GREAT day . . . someday it will be HISTORY!

© Sharon Hall (Digging History), 2014.


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