2014 Will Be Here Soon!

Thanks to all who have read my history blog since its inception in October.  The following chart gives you an idea of where it’s being read or viewed around the world (click to enlarge):

DigHistStatsI’ve taken several days off for a break — as it turns out I’ve been sick with the flu a good portion of that time, but I’ve had lots of time to read which means I have some fascinating stories to tell starting on New Year’s Day 2014.  I’m also adding a new Friday blog category called “Far-Out Friday” — these will be stories that sound like fiction or something Hollywood might produce — but the stories are true (and fascinating!).

Sunday’s religious-themed articles in January (and maybe beyond a bit) will be written as stories of “Early American Faith:  Puritans vs. Those Other (Heretical) People”.  I’ve read some fascinating books of late and I can’t wait to share my reviews on Book Review Thursdays.  Tombstone Tuesdays will feature some great stories I’ve “dug” up (‘scuse the pun) and Mondays will feature some Civil War and “motoring” history.

I hope all of you have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

Everyone have a great day — someday it will be history!

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