Facts, Fallacies and Facetiousness (FFF Friday) — Why Don’t We Celebrate “Cabot” Instead of “Columbus” Day?

nina pinta santa mariaColumbus really didn’t discover what we Americans call America.  He landed in the Bahamas and later what was called Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic).  On his return voyages he went further south to Central and South America.  So why do we claim that Columbus discovered America?

In May of 1497, another Italian, Giovanni Caboto (or John Cabot) left Bristol, England headed west to find Asia.  He, like Columbus before him, had been commissioned by a country that was not his birth country (England in this case).

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  1. Maybe some of the reason CC is celebrated is because Italian and Catholic groups supported/promoted the holiday.
    How do we handle the grizzly aspects of history? We get our facts & make sure we know what we can know (i.e. don’t ignore things simply because we don’t want to know them, don’t change things, don’t exaggerate, don’t ignore, don’t interpret information our own way but also look at facts in their context …). We read the writings of the men themselves & their peers and find out what they claimed as their motivations and actions…
    We can’t lie to kids, but we do need to consider how much they are able to handle at a given age or time.

    • Never thought about the Italian/Catholic angle.


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