Monday Musings

Okay, so today is the first official day of blogging, so let’s just call it “Monday Musings” today.  Eventually I’d like to blog about military history, so maybe I’ll alternate between “Musings” and “Military History”.  Mining history is fascinating as well.

Ancestry – What’s in a Name?

I ran across this a few weeks ago when I was researching family history in Pulaski County, Kentucky (click on image to enlarge):

3 hebrew children

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the three Hebrew children (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the Book of Daniel),  apparently they ended up in Kentucky!

I have ancestors named Telitha, Ellinder, Noah Seburn, Singleton, Okle, Ona, Roosevelt, Maud, Lillie Belle, Willie Ophelia, Hulon Ezra, Jemima (two or three), Wettenhall, Moses Solomon, George Washington (George Washington Rupe was his full name).  What are some of your ancestors’ unique or unusual names?

T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already?)

Here’s a momentous (yea right) event that took place just this last Friday, October 4.  The income tax turned 100 years old … thanks so much Woodrow (definitely not one of my favorite presidents and not just because of the income tax — more on him later on Book Review Thursday).

In 1913 the tax code was a mere 400 pages long.  Last year’s tax code was a whopping 73,608 pages .. yikes!  I’m sure with all the added regulations to enforce with “healthcare” that will balloon again… enough already!

What Interests You?

I’d love to hear what interests you, the reader.  I’m always on the lookout for obscure and interesting pieces of history to research and blog about.  Drop me an email any time with your suggestions.

Please visit the main web site:, and help spread the word about my services and this blog.  On the main page, I’ll be posting historical events of the day (many will be ones you’ve never heard of) and an historical quote.   That’s it for today .. tune in tomorrow for the first “Tombstone Tuesday”.

Everyone have a great day — someday it will be history!


  1. Unusual names! Theopholus, Moses, Zaddock/ Zadok, Jefferson Davis___, George Washington____, Missouri, Tinie & Minnie & Minerva (3 sisters), Paul & Paula (twin siblings of the last 3), Justice, John Jeanette, Billy Joann, Taskanugi Hatke, Chilly — the list goes on

    • Wow, Zaddock — I’ve never heard that one! When I see unusual or unique names like that I always think there must be a story there. Thanks for posting.


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